New Year is Here


Well…. we’ve made it through all the holidays.  We’ve made it through New Year’s Day and most folks have begun to get busy on their resolutions.  Hell, some may have started and quit already!  We’re halfway through January.  I’ve resolved not to start my New Year’s resolutions until next Monday.  With having to work through all the Christmas and New Years leftovers taking up the whole first week of the year there was no point in starting right off the bat.  Then of course, my birthday comes on the 10th… So we went out to eat a fine steak dinner with all the trimmings, plus dessert.  Then we really celebrate the weekend after my birthday with a prime rib dinner at the house and a delicious Texas sheet cake smothered in Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream.  Then this week comes the birthday of my fourth daughter, which we will thoroughly celebrate starting on Wednesday and going through the rest of the weekend.  So you can see my predicament…  My goal is to essentially start eating awesome food in November at Thanksgiving and make it all the way to the 3rd week of January without gaining more than 20 lbs.  So far so good!  Only up 16 lbs, but I had lost over 30 last year since the accident.  So I’m still at a net poundage of -14 lbs.  Not too shabby, in my humble opinion.  Now, I’ve been working out still throughout the holiday season.  Not with enough consistency, but still making a decent effort.  The rest of my body has pretty much completely healed, best I can tell.  Still waiting on the left femur to grow enough new bone to fill in the gap that was left from the compound fracture.  And still building overall strength and endurance in the left leg…  knee and hip still feel weak more often than not.  But we’re getting there a little at a time.  It’s certainly taken a lot longer than I thought.

I’m making the commitment to be ready to hit the road by summer.  So when y’all are ready to book the band for May on out through the rest of the year just let me know!  Requests have been coming in but so far I just haven’t been ready to commit to a booking I may not be able to fulfill.  But the time has arrived.  Pass the word!  I’m ready….

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