What is Country Music?


So what defines country music? I have had this debate too many times. Country music today has evolved into musicians who once enjoyed and respected country music now being transformed by the idea of making more money. If, for example, their music has enough of a pop sound then they can draw in “cross-over fans” and make more money than if they have strictly country music fans. That is certainly fine with me if they choose that as their priority; however, country music is about a story. The story of a day to day life. With its ups and downs, joy and sorrow, love and hate… It is called country music because that story was once about country people and the way of life that we cherish. The country way of life has not particularly changed. The sound of true country music has not particularly changed. The country music institution certainly has and they would love us all to buy into the “New Sound” of country. Many of you may love that sound. I, however, will stick with the sounds of true country. Hank, Waylon, Cash, Willie, Hank Snow, Buck Owens, Charlie Pride, George Jones… The list goes on for miles but it never makes its way to modern day Nashville, TN. For those of you who still love the traditional sounds of country: Fear not! There are more of us out there than you think! And there are still many talented artists who would rather write about real life and stick with a traditional country sound than sell their souls to what is fashionable today.

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